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TrueCom is Australia’s leading business communications provider. We deliver a wide range of solutions including Voice over IP, Broadband Internet, Fixed Line and Mobile.

cut your phone bill

Ready to make the switch to Voice over IP (VoIP) and start saving? TrueCom has a wide range of VoIP plans and options to suit your home, business, or enterprise.

online backup

50% businesses have lost important business data from their computers. How safe is your data? TrueBackup is Australia’s most reliable and affordable online backup system.

Home & Small Office

TrueVoIP is perfect for your small office or home based business requiring 1 or 2 phone lines. Simply plug your Internet connection into one of our Home Office Gateways and plug your standard telephone handset into the other side and you’re ready to start saving! You can get started with TrueVoIP as low as $15.00 per month. You could save thousands of dollars with all the same benefits you currently experience, including a local number, voice mail, caller ID presentation and local numbers in other cities to give your company a national presence.

Small & Medium Business

TrueVoIP operates one of Australia’s most reliable business grade VoIP networks.  TrueVoIP specialises in developing custom VoIP solutions for your business and supports you through every step of the migration process. Our business solutions range caters from 2 to 200 staff and include our innovative range of VoIP PABX systems and VoIP gateways to upgrade your existing system. Explore our business solutions today to find out more.

Corporate & Enterprise

For Corporate & Enterprise clients, TrueVoIP has developed a nationwide business grade network that offers SIP Trunking and Multi-Site features along with SHDSL, Fibre and Ethernet links to every office. These solutions ensure maximum reliablity and will drastically reduce your telephony costs with no compromise in quality. Whether you want to utilise VoIP in your contact centre or head office, TrueVoIP has the answer.